Friday, October 23, 2009

The One Thing - Daily Devotional From Joseph Prince Ministries

I just wanted to share a little about the devotional for today. It has become increasingly obvious to me that Christians suffer because they to not make a conscious effort to renew their minds with the word of God. I have subscribed to a number of marketing mailing lists (almost too many to count), but lately I have been unsubscribing from them and searching for Truth. There are few really good newsletters. I feel like The One Thing - Daily Devotional from Joseph Prince Ministries is one of them. I wanted to share something too. I subscribed to this newsletter four different times. There was an error the first three times. I thought that maybe the newsletter wasn't being sent anymore. That just goes to show how valuable it is. I had to fight to get on this mailing list.

I believe the "one thing" that is needful is to behold the Master Jesus, trusting in His finished work. I have written a little about God being outside of time, but I did not consider what that means for us. God is both outside of time and space. These are His creations. So if we are in Him we can experience miracles that are not possible inside of time and space. This is why we experience miracles when we touch Him in worship, and this is why we are healed when we just believe it was done (It is finished).

The part of the devotional that spoke to me today was Pastor Prince's story about his depression as a young lad. He said that he thought that he was possessed, but it turns out that he was being oppressed by Satan because of the calling on his life. God connected Joseph with one of His ministers, and that minister prophesied to him that he would be preaching to thousands and impacting thousands of lives.

What does that mean for you? It means that you need to acknowledge God's power and His plan for your life. It might be the dream in your heart or God might send someone to tell you His plan, but your current circumstances are nothing, even if they seem good, compared to all that God has planned for you.


TwiceBorn said...

Regarding the comment you left on my blog:

Love = Truth

I gave him truth.

You seem to speak often of the concept that is love. But do you even know what the meaning of that concept is? The first and greatest comandment given to me is to love my God. He tells me if I love Him, I'll kept his comandments. He teaches me to give people truth and to pronoune false gospels as acursed. And I do that, because I love Him. The second greatest comandment he gave me tells me to love those around me. Doing unto others as I would have them to do unto me. If my beliefs are wrong, I would certainly want someone to tell me. The loveing thing for me to do is prclaim truth and tell people when they're wrong. Sometimes that doesn't look loveing, like when Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple with a wip, but really, it was the most loveing thing Jesus could have done to them. I hope you come to terms with the concept of love one day.

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